For All The Cowls

I do love a good cowl neck, so when Chattermonkey, my wonderful, eagle eyed fashionista of a friend spotted this beautiful navy blue Scarlett & Jo dress at a recent Fat Positive Clothes Swap, I was over the moon! Whist I don't think it's the sort of style which would have attracted my attention on the hanger, the second I wriggled myself into it, I was in love!

It's such a classic shape, and I love the neckline and simplicity of the waist tie. It's designed to be pulled to the back, but I quite liked it hanging to front at the side to draw the eye to the waist. To me, it had a touch of a forces sweetheart feel to it, but it does so without feeling as costume based as some vintage repro can. The deep, navy blue is stunning, and I was shocked at how much it suited me. It's a colour which I never really think of wearing, but it seems to compliment my milk bottle skin and I must remember this for future dress purchasing adventures.

Shoes: Vintage

I wanted to keep this look very simple, so teamed it with my trusty vintage heels and red lipstick to serve as coloured accents. It's a little different to my usual look, but I really like it. I'm generally a fan of their dresses, although I suspect that this one is either a sample or has been taken up by it's previous owner due to the short length. But since it still had the tags attached, who knows! Whoever passed on this beauty at the swap, thank you very much for bringing it! You've made this vintage loving lady very happy! 

Until next time,

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Click here if you didn't get this post's song reference. :)


  1. Girl, this is such an iconic look! That's so cool that you picked this up at a clothes swap! I'm currently trying to find more fat babes in my city so I can organise one myself <3 xx

    1. Oh that would be so wonderful if you get the chance to - they are so much fun, and it's so lovely seeing clothes get a new lease of life! If ever you fancy doing the London one though, you are more than welcome to come and crash on our sofa! :) x

  2. You look absolutely stunning! It's like it was made for you and what a touch that it was found at a swap shop! I usually always luck out but it's so lovely to find a rare gem!

    You look glowing in this dress :) <3

    Lucie - www.lucielovesit.com

  3. you look so fantastic in blue! I've never been one for cowls, smaller bust means I have it in my head they don't suit me, but maybe they would!

    1. Thanks Kitty! It's so weird, I've always stayed away from cowls because I have a larger bust - it's strange the made up rules we tell ourselves! I'm trying to try more things on rather than make snap judgements now as I'm finding more and more that I'm being surprised. :) x


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