Smells Like Teen Spirit - New Look Plus Bardot Skater Dress via ASOS

With the 90s revival in full swing, my current wardrobe staples are very reminiscent of the dream style I wished I'd had as a teenager. If 15 year old me could high-five 30-something me right now, she totally would! With my fashion (and music) sensibilities caught smack bang in between my gothy and grungy loves, my heart was all vampy lips and cute black dresses, whilst my wardrobe was baggy jeans and oversized band tees and hoodies. I really lacked confidence in everything to do with myself, so my style was as much to blend into a sea of other Camdenites every weekend, hiding amongst the bulbous layers of fabric so that no one would spot me. Oh how I'd love to give teen me a hug and tell her to just do her own thing.
Whilst Nancy's "We are the weirdos mister" quote from The Craft is much overused, I always felt an affinity with it. Music and fashion have always been inextricably linked for me, and I am sure that discovering bands like Hole, Sleater Kinney and Sonic Youth saved me. They pointed me towards people with the same sort of social, creative and political outlooks, expanded my mind by leading me towards authors, movies and artists which my fairly sheltered life had side stepped. I had never wanted to be one of the cool kids, but still didn't really know where I fitted in with life. Turns out, being a weirdo was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I fell in love with this Bardot dress the second I saw it - the neckline is just crying out to be worn with harness bras or chokers, whilst still remaining an easy to style day dress. At this time of year where the summer weather frequently flakes out on us, I'm a fan of anything which can have tights and cardigans thrown at it to layer for warmth, and again this dress is one of those things which will easily migrate into my autumn wardrobe for that exact reason. 

The Lane Bryant wedges are the comfiest wedge I've ever worn. I'm not a great heel wearer, and find wedges to be a great cheat to get height. They are simply enough to go with most outfit choices, and also come in a variety of widths to make sure they feel as good as possible.

Having a boyfriend who is forever-a-goth, it was fun to raid his collection of jewellery to really vamp it up. The cuff and skull rings are things which just might mysteriously migrate from his collection into my jewellery box if he's not careful! And how cute is the ASOS Curve collar? The adjustable chain length at the back means that you can get it the perfect length for all your 90s girl needs!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. Love the cheeky photo at the top!

    1. Hehe - thank you darling! I "borrowed" so many of your brother's accessories for this look! ;) xx

  2. I think you look absolutely amazing! A really lovely dress which can be accessorised up or down - perfect for that afternoon into evening occasion! x

    1. Thank you Tanya! It's definitely going to become a favourite to wear! :) x

  3. You are just gorgeous, and this grunge-twee look really suits you! Keep rocking that style;)X


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