Lipstick on Your Collar - Lipstick & Lipgloss from MYJ Beauty

A good lipstick discovery is like unearthing some sort of treasure haul. and as someone who regularly goes into Boots for one thing only to leave much later covered in make-up swatches, I really do enjoy finding new favourites. I was very excited when I discovered London based brand MYJ Beauty via their Instagram page, and even more so when a package arrived at my door with a selection of goodies for me to road test!

They were kind enough to send me three lipsticks and a lip gloss, all of which are named for various parts of London. Lets start first of all with the lipsticks, which were Carnaby Street (a deep red), Bond Street (a vampy deep purple colour) and Harley Street (a sweet light nude pink). They arrived packaged in pretty black boxes, but once unwrapped revealed the clever mirrored design of the tube. It's such a brilliant idea, and a total handbag saver!

As for the lipsticks themselves, they are made from a range of mineral ingredients and packed with Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated. In the words of brand founder Jameson Juwily, "The natural minerals, oxides and pigments are rich with moisture leaving your lips hydrated without any chemicals or additives. The ethical production and natural ingredients offer a holistic alternative to provide a luxury look. None of MYJ products are tested on animals."

In terms of the individual colours, I found that each shade had a slightly different finish to it. Red shade Carnaby Street was definitely the most glossy, with the light pinging off it like a proper gloss when shot. Bond Street was also glossy, but a little less so than it's red counterpart. The pink nude Harley Street was a more matte than the other two, but without feeling even remotely drying on the lips. All in all, the trio of shades really impressed, with the high pigment formula going on easily and staying put. To make the red and purple shades more matte, I simply placed some tissue over my lips and blotted with a powder brush for a more retro finish.

The lip gloss was probably the most surprisingly product for me, because as someone with long, unruly hair, I've never met a gloss my silly strands didn't stick to. But somehow, this passed the test! It's a stunning, shiny gloss which doesn't feel sticky and act like a fly trap for hair follicles!

I was sent the shade Albert Bridge, which is a very classic berry red. Like the lipsticks it is packed with Vitamin E, and is applied with ease by the tube's applicator. It works as a solid, buildable colour on it's own but also goes on nicely over other lipsticks to create more of a ombré effect.

Here's all four swatched for you! Please excuse that it looks like I applied them with both hands tied behind my back!

Top: Harley Street, Bond Street
Bottom: Carnaby Street, Albert Bridge

It's wonderful to discover a brand, where the driving force behind it is passion rather than profit with the founder wanting to have the best product for the best price. The lipsticks and lipglosses all retail at £9.99, and you can view the entire range here.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. Those lipsticks look great for the price! Your photos look so professional too x


    1. Thank you, they are worth checking out if you're looking to buy any. They leave your lips feeling so lovely. :)


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