Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These - Retro Pick And Mix Gifts from Lolly's Sweet Treats

You know that you're in for a good day when your postman delivers a giant Retro Pick And Mix Sweets Jar into your hands! Filled with all manner of nostalgic goodness, Lolly's Sweet Treats offer a huge variety of sweetie inspired gifts which are perfect for anyone with a taste for life's more fun side.

Billed as London's premier retro sweet company, the brand offer a wide range of confectionery which includes vegetarian, gluten free and sugar free options. They are able to cater for wedding favours or baby showers, as well as having huge selections of hampers, jars and gift sized treats on hand.

I was very lucky to be sent the Retro Pick And Mix Sweets Jar (£12) which arrived in a lovely, reusable milk bottle style jar. It contained all manner of goodies from sherbet fountains to candy necklaces, with something for every taste. The huge variety of each product is what make them such fantastic gifts - it's hard to go wrong when there are so many things for the recipient to share and choose from!

In addition to the yummy sweets, the main reason that I was so keen to write about Lolly's Sweet Treats is because they have teamed up with The HoneyPot Charity to launch a range of products in order to raise money for their fantastic work. They are a charity who help to provide respite holidays for children between the ages of 5 - 12 who are the primary carer for a long-term unwell family member. Lolly's Sweet Treats began with help from the Princes Trust, and it really touched me that working with The HoneyPot Charity was their way of helping to give back. In the words of Harry, the company's founder, "My reason for choosing HoneyPot is that they are about children having fun and access to as normal a childhood as possible, and I am yet to meet a person who didn't have their favourite sweets from their childhood."

The range of confectionary make a wonderful alternative to flowers in the post, and if you are one of those organised early Christmas shoppers, they even have a festive selection ready to be discovered!

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  1. Always a winner when you get retro sweets! I love that they joined up with such a great charity too. I'll be sure to check their website out.
    Sam x

    1. They should be getting lots more treats in for Christmas, so are definitely worth keeping an eye on. So much yummy nostalgia! :)


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